Tacoma Fence Company Dog Fences

If you own a dog and live in an area with no fence, having a fence is probably top on your list of things to consider. Without a fence, your yard can seem like it opens up into a wide-open space which makes having a dog feel less secluded. You may worry that they’ll just wander off or hurt themselves if they’re not contained. If this is the case give our team at the Tacoma Fence Company.

There are many types of fences to choose from when building a new home or adding fencing around an existing yard. The most common type is the wooden fence because unlike other materials wood holds up well to rot and weathering making it stand strong against any natural elements. It also comes in various designs so you have more options for style. However, one downside to wooden fencing is that you may have to paint it every year or two.

Chain-link fencing is a great choice because it doesn’t rot and you don’t have to worry about painting it. It’s also very cheap which makes it a popular choice for people who are on a tight budget. It’s difficult to install but once up, dogs can’t run through the holes in the fence like they could with wooden fences which may be an advantage for you if you have a boisterous dog that tends to break out of their yard often.

There are many different types of materials when it comes to chain-link fencing including metal, vinyl, and vinyl coated wire mesh. The material affects the strength so choose whatever type will best for your situation.  If you choose metal, bear in mind that it can be costly and difficult to install.Tacoma Fencing Company Dog Fences

Electric fencing is another option. It’s meant for larger areas like an acre or more of land because it has to be placed firmly into the ground to get the best results – otherwise, dogs could get electrocuted by coming too close but not actually touching the fence. However, if properly installed electric fencing is safe and effective. It’s also great for people who don’t want to put time and energy into maintaining their yard (keeping it clear of weeds, etc).

Other types of fencing include stone walls, dog runs, chain-link welding, stockade, ornamental iron, field fencing, vinyl rail fences, and much more available at Tacoma Fence Company.

No matter what type you choose, fencing is a great investment for your lawn and property. It gives you peace of mind to know that your dog won’t wander off while also giving them the freedom to run around and play without accidentally hurting themselves on something like broken glass or rusty nails.