Tacoma Deck Construction 5 Tips

1. Choosing the wrong type of decking materialTacoma Deck Construction 5 Tips

There are two main types of materials used for decks, wood, and composite. Each has its benefits, but it’s vital to think about your climate before choosing one. Wood is great for deck construction in Tacoma where there is plenty of rain or snow, as it can withstand both without rotting or warping too much. It also needs regular maintenance like pressure washing and staining to keep it looking good, but many people prefer this option as they feel that regular upkeep helps preserve its value over time; plus it gives you something to do on weekends!

The last thing you want is a damaged look if you decide to sell in the future, so make sure you choose wisely when deciding what type of decking material to use.

Composite decking boards are made of recycled wood and plastics, which is great for the environment! They also don’t need regular upkeep like pressure washing every few months, but they do tend to cost more than regular wooden boards (depending on who you go with). If you want to be different and try something new, then composite decking might be right for your home. Just keep in mind that almost all composite materials require special tools if repairs are needed down the road.

2. Getting a sub-par design

Unless you’re an expert designer or carpenter yourself, it can be hard to know how well your plans will turn out ahead of time – so why not spend a little extra money to get the job done right the first time?

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should go overboard on design; but rather, put some forethought into the project. If you’re looking for ideas on your own, look online to see what other people have come up with. One of our favorite websites is Houzz – it has thousands of pictures and ideas on there.

3. Cutting corners on materials

This one might seem obvious, but many people fail to plan ahead so they end up needing more wood than they originally anticipated! There are lots of things that can cause this problem: calculating too little wood for cuts, not having enough leftover pieces if needed later in construction (such as when attaching railings), or just realizing that you need some extra wood for some final touchups.

The best thing to do is to have an idea of what you’ll need ahead of time, and then keep track on paper while you work so that everything goes smoothly! You can also ask your carpenter or contractor about it beforehand – just be sure not to promise more than you’re willing to pay for.

4. Not making room for safety features

This mistake can seem simple at first, but it’s easy to underestimate the importance of proper railing heights. For example, if someone walks up a set of stairs and rolls their ankle because the railings were too low, who knows how long that might take to heal?

Most local building codes require specific railing height requirements depending on the deck’s height (i.e. any deck higher than 30 inches needs a 4-inch railing), so make sure to measure your stairs ahead of time and adjust as needed! Deck construction by our team at Tacoma Decking will ensure your deck is safe and meets code.

As for guardrails, many people think they’re only necessary if there’s a pool on the property; but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Having guardrails or some other form of protection is important not just for children and pets, but also for adults who might accidentally slip and fall into dangerous areas near the house such as concrete driveways or lawnmowers left out in the open.

5. Not getting enough early feedback

This mistake can cause everyone involved with building your new deck a lot of stress – especially if you discover that something’s wrong toward the end!

The best way to avoid this problem is to be proactive; seek feedback early on to make sure everything goes smoothly. If you don’t feel like you can trust your carpenter or contractor 100%, ask them for references and speak with their previous customers before signing the dotted line.

You might also want to consider hiring a design specialist, who can help provide constructive criticism throughout the building process. If you choose not to do that, make sure you have an open dialogue with whoever is doing the actual construction – especially if they suggest changes, as it could affect the overall look of your deck construction in Tacoma!