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Catch Radius first discussed by Scott Smith in a piece titled The Catch Radius Project: In Search of Better TD Production, the metric incorporates a players ability to cover ground as well as his ability to get vertical in order to score a players capacity to reaching the football in a 3-dimensional space. Elijah Mitchell isnt too far behind (165.5), ranking 27th-best since 2000. Jackson (24.2 BMI) is also the only WR to post a BMI below 24.5 and record a 1,000-yard season. Dazz Newsome (ADP: WR22) posted a 28.1 SPORQ score. The three other WRs all dropped in my rankings, but, interestingly, none fell too far. Apr 21st 2022. For tight ends and running backs, a 15% Dominator Rating is necessary to qualify for a breakout designation. Due to a minor ankle injury, Najee Harris didnt workout at his Pro Day, and as such recorded a SPORQ score of DNQ (Did Not Qualify). Negative values indicate a player underperformed touchdown expectations due to inefficient play and bad luck. You initially see him and go, man, that kids too skinny, hes kind of awkward, he doesnt look that fast, but then he shows elite hand usage, and BAM, hes around the tackle and sacking the QB or causing a fumble. It's always interesting to dig into the SPARQ scores But we already know hes a high-level (probably elite) athlete. Over the past two seasons, he dropped 18% of his catchable targets, compared to 5% for Pitts. Following this logic, Frank DuPont and Shawn Siegele first examined each wide receivers breakout age on The Zach Wilson averaged 38.4 (2018), then 33.7 (2019), and then 29.4 (2020) rushing YPG in each of his three seasons at BYU. Since 2000, the only WR to weigh 175 pounds or less and post a 1,000-yard season is DeSean Jackson (169 pounds). All of the size-related concerns with Smith are an even bigger issue for Tutu Atwell (59, 155 pounds, 22.9 BMI). Note that the NFL% and z-score columns refer to the NFL positional averages and not to the draft positional averages. If the athlete does not reach the start line in time, a warning is given, and the test is completed when two warnings are given. Players with poor scores by both production and athleticism almost never did anything meaningful for fantasy teams. Prior to the height-based adjustment, he ranked 6th-best. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, please call 1-800-GAMBLER. Although officially listed with a DNQ SPORQ score, I actually boosted Waddle in my rankings. Wex might be right. I concluded the article saying basically this. The higher the higher the percentage of completed air yards to total yards, the less a quarterback is being helped by his receivers gaining yards after the catch. Thanks for sharing. Blaine Gabbert crushed the Wonderlic with a score of 42, so he has that going for him. Where do they rank by SPORQ score (something akin to a composite athleticism score)? Trey Lance averaged 13.3 rushing FPG and 77.0 rushing YPG across his college career at North Dakota State. ", "Mike Mitchell, former Ohio State, Texas Tech linebacker, at peace at Southeastern", "Athletic Assessment Protocols - SPARQ Training",, Defunct manufacturing companies of the United States, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test or YIRT (, This page was last edited on 2 April 2023, at 04:33. And hes a serious guy and player and I dont think hes 21 yet. The formulas for Adjusted SPARQ change by position -- and sometimes even within positions (RB, WR, DT, EDGE) -- to put the proper weight on the athletic traits that have historically been better at predicting success in the NFL. I like Maxx Crosby as a mid- to late-round prospect. Williams was heavily penalized due to his low weight, at only 175 pounds (with a height of 5 8.5). Several other RBs, including Patterson, Felton, and Javian Hawkins, among others, were also penalized due to a low playing weight, but none quite on the level of Williams. He needs to be viewed as an A.J. Warren Jackson (ADP: WR:30) posted a 7.9 SPORQ score. For QBs, PlayerProfiler adds a height premium. Is he more Sample (68.0) or Kittle (94.9)? He earned the "Now I have to go back and watch the tape" award. Yeah, so, uhhh. Age is calculated for each player as of September 2020. Individuals with high BMIs tend to be built more like a bowling ball, an ideal stature for an NFL running back. SPARQ does a great job of analyzing overall athleticism, but I showed how little it means for projecting NFL success here. How to read this: Danny Pinter is a 94th percentile adjusted SPARQ athlete.. This metric is especially useful when examining the impact of a quarterback upgrade on a wide receivers future production. I urge you to review my Pre-Combine rankings and analysis, which you can read here. WebThe SPARQ is a rating system designed to measure sport-specific athleticism. For RBs, we add a BMI premium. Their time is measured in seconds and transferred into SPARQ Points. Players with one or the other (with production mattering more than athleticism) were somewhere in between. " Tremendous lower-body flexion for 45-degree edge bend ". Funk probably doesnt get drafted, but Evans and (then) Nwangwu are expected to see their names called on Day 3. They must proceed to thrust outward, landing in a push-up position. He was dinged partly due to size (58, 201 pounds), but also for a pedestrian 3-Cone an event which matters a great deal more for smaller RBs. But also that my new stat SPORQ score is the best tool you could use to measure athleticism. Dont expect much, but at least one of these RBs will be drafted on athleticism alone and will be given a season or two to develop. Target Quality combines catchable targets with average target depth putting a premium on deep, catchable targets and discounting shorter, uncatchable passes. Boyd, Felton, and Williams are now fully off my board. Hell have to improve at his Pro Day to regain his Day 1 status Terrell Lewis and Yetur Gross-Matos did okay in the drills they participated in, but they didnt run the forty Luckily, Jabari Zuniga, Casey Toohill, James Smith-Williams, and Carter Coughlin all finished inside the 80th percentile as above-average athletes for the position. And that makes sense the closer a player is to a WR, the better for fantasy (like we explained in our Pre-Combine analysis on Kyle Pitts). Game Script - First defined by Chase Stuart on his Football Perspective blog in his "Introducing Game Scripts" piece, game scripts are the average point differential at any point in any game that season. Looking back at my top-5 RBs, all except Najee Harris (DNQ) hit the necessary thresholds to retain their rankings. 2 corner in the class, especially after showcasing 92nd percentile adjusted athleticism. Chris Evans vert jump of 40.5 ranks 15th-best since 2000. His incredible flexion might just be the thing that sets him apart. But no hes not anywhere close to becoming a replacement one day for Vince. This number measures a players short area quickness and balance and correlates with an ability to avoid tackles and compile yards before contact. Really intrigued by him. This sheet will be updated throughout the draft. The low BMI (23.1) is also a concern. Finally, they must switch direction and run another 5yards to the starting point. Good stuff Chowder. the test is completed, is what is measured. 2023 Post-Draft Market Report: Rookie QBs and TEs, Barrett's 2023 NFL Rookie Dynasty Rankings, 2023 Rookie RB Rankings for Dynasty Fantasy Football, DraftKings XFL Semifinals DFS Tournament Plays, Brett Whitefield's Final 2023 NFL Mock Draft, Scott Barrett's Final 2023 NFL Mock Draft, 2023 Pre-NFL Draft Rookie WR Dynasty Rankings. Isaiah Simmons rightfully called it a day after running a 4.39 forty, which locked in a 99th percentile Adjusted SPARQ score. For calculation purposes, power ball throw wasconverted into bench press to ensure that all input factors aligned with specificNFL Scouting Combine events. Pace of Play - Total plays per minute. Slot Rate - the percentage of passing down snaps a wide receiver or tight end lines up in the slot. Thats also a major red flag. Referred to here as Target Premium, it is the percentage of additional fantasy points per target that a wide receiver or tight end generates over and above the other pass receivers on his team. Metcalf (12.97), Chase Claypool (124.7), and Jazz Ferguson (115.8) since 2016. Catch Rate captures a players ability to secure the football in all situations regardless of the level of difficulty by dividing the total receptions by total targets. to the Steelers roster, I thought some might enjoy digging Imatorbhebhes 24 bench reps rank 7th-most. Therefore, BMI indicates a running backs relative sturdiness. SPARQ was a US-based company started in 2004 to create a standardized test for athleticism called the 'SPARQ Rating' and to sell training equipment and methods to help improve athleticism focused on the high school athlete (an "SAT" for athletes). Have you done your own testing and youre curious how you did? We hope you're enjoying this old content for FREE. Imathorbhebhes 46.5-inch vert jump is a new record, and 1.5 inches more than the next-closest WR. Although Zach Wilson is a near-lock to be drafted second overall (and maybe even Mac Jones third overall), I have Fields right behind Lawrence as the QB2 in this class. When a given players supporting cast changes (via trade or free agency), this metric is particularly helpful, because it measures that players capabilities across league-average situations. As a freshman in 2018 (age 18.4), he turned 47 targets into 534 yards and 5 scores. Kyle Pitts. Wex might be right. Note that the NFL% and z-score columns refer to the NFL positional averages and not to the draft positional averages. Anthony Schwartz ran a 4.25 40-yard-dash at his Pro Day. Overall, this corner class is fine, but also includes a potentially rare top-five prospect Jeffrey Okudahs tape was phenomenal in my opinion -- go watch him against Clemson -- and he backed it up with 96th percentile Adjusted SPARQ athleticism. Body Mass Index (BMI) formerly referred to as the Quetelet Index, BMI dates to the 19th century and provides a simple numeric measure of a person's thickness or thinness. The results from these tests are combined and weighted using a formula specific to football. The Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test is a test measuring an athlete's aerobic power and execution upon the changing of direction. That said, its also far from irrelevant. (We already know hes a freak athlete, and hes a Round 1 lock based on expected draft capital.). One of my favorite day three players. And he can add more to that frame if needed. Hes going to be drafted on Day 3; a team will take a flier on him for his athleticism, but hes a longshot to ever return meaningful fantasy production. QBR adds a clutch factor to more traditional quarterback efficiency metrics. Since 1995, the only sub-180-pound RB to hit triple-digit fantasy points in a single season is Dexter McCluster, who accomplished this feat only once. What wildly increased his value was putting on 21 pounds since the end of the season and then posting the numbers he did with that extra weight. However, hes 22.8 years old and never ranked higher than 4th on the team in receiving yards prior to last season, McMath was a one-year starter for LSU, understandably buried in the depth chart behind some elite WRs. All rights are reserved Powered by WordPress. Best Ball Points Added - In the best ball format formats, players must reach a weekly points threshold to qualify for the starting lineup each week. It will help. He, alongside a few other of the industrys best talent evaluators and NFL Draft prognosticators, played a key role in helping me calculate an important but ultimately minor variable in this phase of the process expected draft capital. Ezra Cleveland, Austin Jackson, Jedrick Wills, and Andrew Thomas were great athletes, too Joshua Jones was the only highly-respected OT prospect to finish as an average athlete, but he should still pass most athletic thresholds. Of the likely Round 1 QBs in 2021, Mac Jones (4.82) and Justin Fields (4.46) were the only ones to run the 40-yard-dash at their Pro Day. But I kept these numbers the same partly because you can adjust them from here on your own if you so choose. If you would like to donate, you can help keep this going and help me add new features both in the program and on the site. No guarantees are made for any specific outcome. Note 2: Much is made over the fact that Pro Day numbers are typically much better than the numbers that same player will post at the Combine. My analytics only 2022 NFL Draft Positional Rankings are just that -- the results of what my model spits out at me. The scouts are on to him and I believe he had great workout numbers. Javonte Williams (67.3), Kenneth Gainwell (51.8), and Michael Carter (62.2) all retain their rankings, though Gainwells score was a bit underwhelming. Additionally, the metric is calibrated to give Vertical Jump and Broad Jump equal weight. Basically, Harris is a rich mans Jeff Janis. In 5 games in 2020, he caught 14 balls for 195 yards and 1 score. His placement in mocks goes from top ten to second round. At the sound of the second beep the athlete must run back to the starting line, after which the third beep sounds a 10-second recovery period the athlete jogs or walks in a 5-meter zone before resuming position back to the starting line, for the next beep. Looks explosive. For instance, last season, he ranked top-7 in both missed tackles forced per touch (0.30) and yards after contact per attempt (4.04). but you'll have to sign up in order to access our other articles and content! I liked the way Cominsky moved. Jedrick Wills, Alabama OT: 2020 NFL Draft Profile - Hunter Bryants scores really surprised me You can read my early scouting reports and statistical evals on the tight end class here. Air Yards for quarterbacks, Air Yards is the total throw depth, and Completed Air Yards is total passing yards minus yards after the catch. Hell be a top-7 pick Kenneth People want to cast him as an off-ball LB because he plays so well in coverage, but he can hold the point and rush the passer. Best Comparable Player aggregates physical attributes, college production, workout metrics, and NFL productivity and efficiency (when available) to find each players most similar peer at his position. Opportunity Share percentage of total team running back carries + targets for a particular back. Watch live streaming. My Pre-Combine model viewed JaMarr Chase as the best WR prospect since at least 2015. Jake Funks 6.71 3-Cone ranks 13th-best since 2000, and, if weight-adjusted, 15th-best since 2000. Adjusted Yards Per Attempt (AY/A) Modified yards per attempt incorporates a premium for touchdowns and a discount for interceptions. What do you guys think about Brian Burns? Zierlein's biggest knock on him is his skinny build. To assist with site load times, the main page will now only show the 2023 class. Thanks for sharing. to get him working on his body - if relations weren't so strained Burns feels like the wild card for our first rounder. Expected Touchdown Differential the difference between expected and actual touchdowns scored. By factoring out the disproportionate impact of long runs, the metric rewards running back consistency. Travis Etienne (95.0) actually deserves a significant boost up my rankings. Lifetime Value The featured player valuation metric on Dynasty Dominator mobile app, RotoUnderworld's Lifetime Value approximates a player's fantasy points scoring potential above replacement for the remainder of their career. Accuracy Rating grades the accuracy each of throw on a 1-10 scale. Like I said, Moore was penalized due to his height, but whatever reduction I gave him (via SPORQ score) was always going to be wholly arbitrary. to back it up - even against top competition. Chris Evans 167.5 burst score ranks best in this class and 17th-best since 2000. At 227 pounds, Fields Speed Score of 114.74 ranks 3rd-best of 372-qualifying QBs since 2000. Overall, this edge class stinks and didnt help themselves at the Combine Chase Young didnt test, but he doesnt have to after destroying the Big Ten last season It was the Tier 2 edge rushers who were so disappointing. Thats about as official as these numbers are going to get this year. 40-yard Dash for quarterbacks and tight ends, any 40-yard dash under 4.70 seconds is considered fast. To view the average RAS for every team by draft year, click here! Total QBR Total QBR was developed by ESPNs Stats & Information Group to measure the degree to which a quarterback contributed to scoring points for the team, and also to a win by the team. He had turned 18 just three days prior. Jeudy's 105 SPARQ is, for example, 7% worse than For wide receivers and tight ends, the dominator rating is the percentage of team receiving production. Note that the NFL% and z-score columns refer to the NFL positional averages and not to the draft positional averages. No guarantees are made for any specific outcome. The best of the best, the most elite athletes, will score between 130 Just note, I was primarily shooting for only the most favorable comparisons in each instance. Harris 6.51 3-Cone is the best mark ever recorded by a TE, and would rank 2nd-best among RBs (just ahead of Christian McCaffrey) and 7th-best among WRs. Note 1: Big shoutout to the great Dane Brugler and his 2021 NFL Draft Guide, which you can find here. Hes reached at least 50 yards in 20 of his 24 games over this span, and his 3.11 YPRR average in 2020 ranked 6th-best in this class. Quarterbacks with Accuracy Ratings above 6.0 are considered highly accurate, and those below 4.0 are considered highly inaccurate. But, both times he was an edge. Speed Score Bill Barnwell first posited the metric in Pro Football Prospectus to better predict running back success. Zeirlien also highlights his bend saying : " Tremendous lower-body flexion for 45-degree edge bend ", We've seen how important having that bend around the corner can be, and. At 58, the numbers dont look much better either, with Cole Beasley being the most productive fantasy WR from that grouping. Weighted Opportunities surfaced by Scott Barrett in his work for Pro Football Focus, this metric calibrates total opportunities by discounting carries and enhancing the value of targets based on the average fantasy points generated by each type of touch. Players with numbers higher than 8.0 have significant weekly output oscillation, and values over 10.0 indicate an extreme boom/bust range of outcomes. mescalero apache surnames,

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